Marketing Agility

Achieving Better Marketing Outcomes

Introduction Traditional marketing begins with business objectives and develops marketing campaigns to deliver results. Outcome-based marketing starts with customer outcomes – defining what the customer is trying to achieve, designing customer experiences around those outcomes, and achieving business outcomes as a result of delighting customers. Traditional marketing tends to be short-term focused; Outcome-based marketing tends …

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The Heart of Agile

In 2016, Alistair Cockburn, one of the signers of the Agile Manifesto for Software Development, wrote a piece called “The Heart of Agile.” If you haven’t read this 4-page document, I encourage you to do so. Alistair felt that Agile had lost its way. Agile needed to get back to core principles, and he identified …

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What is the Role of an Agile Champion in Marketing?

Every Agile adoption in marketing needs an Agile Champion. Sometimes more than one. The Agile Champion can be a senior leader, a mid-level manager, or even a well-respected individual contributor. While positional power may make some of the roles of the Agile champion easier, the Agile champion can’t rely on positional power. They influence through …

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Agile vs Agile

Agile vs agile I was struck recently by a comment on the Agile Marketing Facebook group: “Is there any other kind of marketing? I guess I missed out because I never went to work for one of the big old slow agencies. I always worked at small agencies and small companies which had startup mentalities.” …

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