Accelerating Marketing Agility

The Case for Change and Taking Action

We Believe Marketers Possess Natural Agility

Great marketers tune into customer desires, crafting campaigns that resonate. They articulate problems clearly, collaborate on complex, integrated campaigns, quickly make local decisions and create feedback loops to continuously improve.

 natural agility, Disrupted

Unfortunately, this natural agility is often disrupted:

Hierarchy slows down decision-making.

Marketers struggle to prioritize the most important work.

Good ideas get drowned out.

Marketers feel overworked and undervalued. Their natural Agility wanes.

Leaders suffer, too. They wonder if the right work is being done, how to demonstrate the team’s value, and how to effectively respond to change.

The Cost to Organizations

Dysfunctional marketing systems alienate customers, resulting in missed opportunities, lost revenue, and frustrated team members.

  • $1.3 Trillion: The estimated cost of poor customer experiences in the US alone. (PwC)
  • 90%: Percentage of CMOs that struggle to demonstrate the value of their teams’ work. (Dun & Bradstreet)
  • 74%: Marketers believe their organizations are too slow to respond to changing market conditions. (Deloitte)
  • 8 Months: The average tenure of a CMO, partly due to challenges in system effectiveness. (Spencer Stuart)

“Everyone is already doing their best; the problems are with the system … only management can change the system.”

—W. Edwards Deming

THE SOLUTION? Find pockets of natural agility

Areas of agility often form in response to an emergent need or an urgent event. Sometimes they are called War Rooms or Tiger Teams.  

Most likely, a small group of people formed who were cross-functional, empowered to make rapid decisions, with a shared sense of direction, regular communication and clear objectives

Find pockets of natural agility and build on them. The above characteristics are hallmarks of modern, responsive organizations. They are also characteristics of a way of working called ‘Agile.’ Agile is a set of practices and principles marketers use to gain alignment, improve workflow, experiment, optimize, and respond to change, all in service to the customer and better business results.


The Agile Marketing Alliance believes that marketers should start from exactly where they are at, using incremental improvements to gradually move themselves and their marketing systems toward more and more marketing Agility.  

Use Playbooks, Experts and Practices

To Create a custom journey suited to your organizatioN


Custom workshops help your organization set direction and take action


Experts who provide the right amount of support you need


Action-based practices to embed new ways of working and interacting

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