Agile Marketing Resources

One of the goals for the Agile Marketing Alliance is to provide the best Agile Marketing resources anywhere. Here are just a few Agile marketing resources that we think you’ll find valuable.

In addition to all of these Agile marketing resources in the Resources Hub, we also offer our monthly challenges: 12 mini-learning challenges on topics like:

  • How to manage your marketing workflow
  • How to organize agile marketing teams
  • How to run experiments and use data to make marketing decisions
  • How to build an Agile culture

We also hear from our members that one of the most valuable resources at the Agile Marketing Alliance is the community. People learn from each other. If they have a question, they ask the community, and someone is able to provide an answer or their perspective on the issue.

So join today (it’s free to join) and add your voice to the Agile Marketing Alliance.