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ModRn Marketing Learning Modules

Stop the Overwhelm

Stop feeling overwhelmed by visualizing your workflow, prioritizing the most important work, and measuring and managing your capacity. 

Improve Marketing Outcomes

Learn how to test and learn, fail fast, and improve the ROI of your marketing through experimentation and optimization.

Bridge the gap

Bridge the Gap: Strategy & Execution

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution by getting agreement on priorities, managing stakeholder relationships, and running effective planning sessions.

Organize Around Value

Organize marketing teams around value delivery, learn the benefits of cross-functional teams and how to work with other functions and external agencies in an effective manner.


Customer Centricity

Learn how to institutionalize customer centricity through the use of user stories and design thinking. Learn how to conduct great customer interviews, overcome challenges to customer centricity and create a voice of the customer program.

Adapt to Change

Adapting to Change

Learn how to respond to volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity and adapt to change without change fatigue.

Lightweight Learning Model

Most online learning experiences deliver information, information that is forgotten in a few weeks’ time as marketers resume their busy lives.

We deliver lasting solutions to the most common marketing challenges with an approach that overcomes the typical barriers to change.

Our lightweight learning model allows you to choose your own goals, move at your own pace, get access to peer coaching groups and professional facilitator/coaches, and to complete an entire training sequence in less than 10 hours per month.

7 Steps to Lasting Change

Lightweight Learning - 1500 x600


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