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Case Studies in Agile Marketing

People often think that Agile marketing is new. In reality, it has been happening for years. Below are just a few of the publicly available stories of Agile marketing in action. 

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“Our plan for launching new products has been completely refined using the agile methodology. We built an agile “recipe” for each launch tier that provides teams a track to run on, making the entire effort simpler and completely transparent, while allowing for the subtle changes necessary in each launch effort.”  – David Quinn, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing Engagement Office

David Quinn and Steve Gilbert have written and spoken extensively about their experience with Agile Marketing.

“We started this in February of this year and as of now, we have a worldwide team, across all product lines that are organized into an agile formation, operating on 30-day sprint cycles. We also have a common language and process for our programs, which is the HubSpot inbound methodology. We’re still early in the new agile formation, but it’s already providing benefits.” – Greg Davoll, Sr. Director of Marketing and Product GM

Even before Dell acquired EMC, they were practicing Agile Marketing.

Greg Davoll talks about Agile Inbound Marketing

“I helped my team adopt agile marketing principles, and now we’re using the same integrated marketing software we sell globally to improve our own go-to-market processes and to extract the data-driven insights which lead to better, more effective marketing.” – Lisa Arthur, CMO, Teradata

Scott Brinker interviews Lisa Arthur, CMO of Teradata, about both big data and Agile Marketing

White Paper on How Companies Keep Pace in an Always-On World using Agile Marketing from Teradata

“We realized that from a marketing standpoint, we also needed to evolve. The whole concept of agile is based on iteration and experimentation, and because of the speed at which that our business was evolving, that was the catalyst.” – Davor Golac, Group Manager – Office Marketing Automation at Microsoft

How Microsoft Applied Agile Marketing to Office365

“For us, agility is about simplicity, reliability, and response. Our “always on teams” are comprised of marketing, agency, and tech resources that work as one team to deliver the consumer the best experience possible. These teams follow Scrum agile principles, and we ensure that in each sprint we balance new capabilities with tech debt.” – Chris Campbell, Director of Marketing and Sales Solutions

The Three Pillars of Marketing Technology at General Mills

“Agile has broad implications for the way that we work and behave, how we structure our teams, how we develop and implement our strategies, and how we engage with our community of customers. It’s a mind-set shift, and one that requires a commitment to building a different kind of culture. ” –  Roland Smart, VP of Social & Community Marketing at Oracle

“I can write up all the stats in the world, but this simple math example will prove to you that the agile way is faster, better and repeatable. Even a child can understand the power of agile with this simple proof.” –  Mathew Sweezey, Author, Keynote Speaker and Marketing Insights at SalesForce

Mathew Sweezy talks about Content Marketing and Agile Marketing

“We still have plenty of room for improvement, but the results from the switch are impressive. Cost savings of 20 percent of the budget were realized, productivity is up 400 percent, and sprint tasks have a nearly 95 percent completion rate. Most important, however, is the department’s client satisfaction rating, which increased by more than 30 percent in six months.” – Ann Marie deWees, Director of Strategic Marketing

Agile Marketing Makeover – productivity up 400%, costs down 20%

“There are three pillars to Agile Marketing: Data, the Framework for harnessing and activating the data, and Content: thus, creating messaging to consumers that’s so sticky that they share and advocate.” – Deanie Elsner, EVP and CMO of Kraft Foods

How Data Nourishes Agile Marketing at Kraft Foods


“Using agile, we tested the idea within weeks. The key in agile is to fail fast and fail cheap.” – Jim Lyski, the CMO of CarMax

The Next Generation of Customer Centricity with Agile Marketing


“We form this cross-functional team, where content design, code, inbound marketing, data or analytics, project management, we all sit together, all in the same place, work together on the same thing at the same time. No one is ever gone. You don’t have to walk to another building or send a long e-mail to explain something. We cut down on documentation, on all those pesky e-mails and IM’s, and we actually have person-to-person interactions. It’s a real strength of agile.” –  Jonathon Colman from REI

4 Principles and 13 Hacks about Agile Marketing

Whiteboard Friday on Agile Marketing