Jim Ewel

The Impact of Sustainable Productivity

Sustaining a high level of productivity in marketing teams can have profound effects on the team’s overall performance and value to the organization. Here’s how it impacts various facets of the marketing function: Increased Output and Efficiency High productivity ensures marketing campaigns are executed faster and more efficiently, allowing teams to handle multiple projects in […]

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The Future of Work

What will the future of work be in 2030? What about 2050? How will workplace productivity be impacted? While it’s difficult to predict the future, it’s clear that the landscape of work is poised to undergo transformative shifts influenced by rapidly evolving technologies, demographic changes, and changing business practices. Workplace productivity will also be impacted,

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Is Agile Dead

The following first appeared in Martech. It has been revised slightly. Is Agile dead?  Tamás Polgár declared Agile is dead because proponents “merely parroted buzzwords and played with meaningless cards and colorful charts all day.” Scott Middleton said agile is dead and that McKinsey killed it by promoting an “Agile transformation office” and moving away from

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Encouraging Empowerment

How do leaders encourage empowerment? There’s a view that autonomy and empowerment will occur magically if management stops micromanaging and gives up some decision-making. We also tend to believe that empowerment or at least autonomy is always a good thing.  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. What Do We Mean by Empowerment? The dictionary definition of

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How Autonomy Supports Organizational Change

There are several different kinds of organizational change. There is planned change, where organizations decide to enter a new business, or exit an old business, or reorganize. There is unplanned change, where organizations need to respond to change: a competitive threat, an economic downturn, a supply chain disruption, or a sudden increase in costs. There

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Embracing Autonomy: The Key to Marketing Agility

Is autonomy, or empowerment as it is sometimes described, key to achieving marketing agility? Some studies have concluded that it is. Kalaignanam, Tuli, and Gall concluded that “flexible structures that promote cross-functional collaboration and cross-pollination of knowledge are crucial for enabling marketing agility at an organizational level.” This can be even more important when the

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Team at Kanban board

Visualization in Work Management: How Seeing is Believing and Achieving

Why does visualization help individuals and teams increase their efficiency, improve collaboration, and make better decisions, even in the face of uncertainty? Let’s take a look at the science behind visualization’s prowess, as well as some examples of where visualization is being used to achieve these benefits. The Science and Psychology Behind Visualization According to

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