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Our Process

Like many Agile organizations, we iterate with our customers to better meet their needs.  We invite interested and qualified partners and individuals who want early access and to contribute their insights to participate in our Alpha and Beta Labs.
During our Alpha stage, we are in development alongside our customers. We may be showing rough concepts, early prototypes, and iterating week-over-week to evolve our offerings. Those in the Alpha cohorts watch the product evolve and see the impact their feedback has on its development. Alpha stage typically lasts between six to twelve weeks.
In Beta, we move into early, real-world testing of our offerings. We typically charge for Beta access and may choose to offer Beta-ready products to a limited audience. Those seeking access to Beta products often don’t have the time to commit to an Alpha product, but still want the advantages of early access.

Put Me on Your Beta List

Upcoming Alpha Opportunities

Alpha Opportunity: Micro-Learning

Join our Alpha cohort starting September 13, 2023. We will meet every two weeks on Tuesday at 9:00 am MST for one hour.

This cohort will focus on providing feedback on micro-learning modules. Participants must commit to:

  • Attending the bi-weekly meetings
  • Reviewing the micro-learning modules (about 1.5 hours per two weeks)
  • Be willing to share their viewpoint and suggestions for improvement
The Agile Marketing Alliance commits to:
  • Sending a meeting agenda in advance
  • Making the sessions interactive
  • Ensuring a safe and confidential space for all voices to be heard
This cohort is limited to five partner members and five corporate attendees. Register below for this opportunity.

Register for Micro-Learning Alpha