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Now, more than ever, marketers are asked to do more with less.  To be more efficient & effective.  

But What if your are too busy to improve? The answer lies in the incremental adoption of practices like agile, lean, design-thinking, and customer-centricity, adapted by marketers for marketers.

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“Loved the learning content! Well structured, thoughtful, and very valuable.”


Elizabeth Venter,

South Africa

“Invaluable for business agility and easy to apply to many business functions”


Katie Krushinskie,

United States

“An excellent foundational course for anyone seeking to champion change within their organization.”


Myles Biggs,

United States

Training Designed by Marketers for Marketers

Micro-Learning, Real-World Scenarios, Peer Learning, and Hands-On Experience

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Stopping the Overwhelm

Stop feeling overwhelmed by visualizing your workflow, prioritizing the most important work, and measuring and managing your capacity. 

Improving Business Results

Learn how to test and learn, fail fast, and improve the ROI of your marketing through experimentation and optimization to produce better business results.

Bridge the gap

Bridging the Gap: Strategy & Execution

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution by getting agreement on priorities, managing stakeholder relationships, and running effective planning sessions.

Organizing Around Value

Organize marketing teams around value delivery, learn the benefits of cross-functional teams and how to work with other functions and external agencies in an effective manner.


Customer Centricity

Learn how to institutionalize customer centricity through the use of user stories and design thinking. Learn how to conduct great customer interviews, overcome challenges to customer centricity and create a voice of the customer program.

Adapt to Change

Adapting to Change

Learn how to respond to volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity and adapt to change without change fatigue. Learn how to manage unplanned work without stress, rework, and long hours.

Other Ways to Improve Your Marketing Agility

Alliance Community

Hang Out With Your Peers

Join the largest, global community of Agile marketers and tap into their collective wisdom. Peer learning, exclusive webinars, and real-world insights await.

Improve Your Productivity

Want to experience up to 40% productivity gains in just five days? Take our 5-Day Challenge: Visualizing Workflow. The challenge can be completed in 30-45 minutes a day.

Agile Marketing badge

Quick Wins for Your Career

Short on time? Digital badges offer 2-3 hours of curated content, perfect for orienting yourself around new marketing trends and techniques. Earn a digital badge as a mark of your expertise.

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Our Mission

The results are clear: happier, more productive marketers. Leaders who know where marketing dollars get spent. A shared sense of responsibility to serve the customer. An unshakable ability to respond to change. A desire to relentlessly improve.

Every marketer deserves a work environment like this. Marketing Agility benefits everyone AND the bottom line.

Our Latest Thinking About Agile and Marketing


One of the most intriguing books I’ve read this year is Machinehood by S.B. Divya. Set in the year 2095, AI and bots have taken over most of the work that humans once did, leaving humans little to do but supervise the bots or work in the gig economy, doing

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Pivoting Toward the Customer: Vodafone’s Story

This blog brought to you by Danielle Roper of the Agile Business Consortium.  See the video of Vodafone’s presentation here:  Vodafone UK Digital: A Blooming Success! Cultivating Vodafone’s Agile Garden Pivoting means changing your business strategy to adapt to market needs or improve revenue. The process can involve changes to the product, service,

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The Impact of Sustainable Productivity

Sustaining a high level of productivity in marketing teams can have profound effects on the team’s overall performance and value to the organization. Here’s how it impacts various facets of the marketing function: Increased Output and Efficiency High productivity ensures marketing campaigns are executed faster and more efficiently, allowing teams

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