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Our partners believe in the power of Agile marketing to transform the way marketers work 

Our Partners


Founded in 2017, AgileSherpas has helped marketing organizations around the world adopt Agile practices, and furthered the adoption of Agile marketing through their proprietary approach to consulting, training and coaching. We publish the ground-breaking benchmark State of Agile Marketing Report each year, in addition to producing cutting-edge online resources for agility-minded marketers. 


Exclusive to Agile Marketing Alliance members: an extended 180-day FREE access to Planview’s AgilePlace tool (no credit card required). Sign up your entire organization using one trial – Agile Marketing is a team sport, after all!

Experience for yourself how Planview AgilePlace can help your organization see the work happening across teams and align on prioritized business objectives. See how Kanban boards and Lean metrics support continuous delivery initiatives, eliminate waste and improve your team’s delivery processes and speed.


Scaled Agile

SAFe provides guidance on how businesses and employees can grow and respond to change. It started with the SAFe knowledge base and a training and certification program. Today, SAFe is in its sixth iteration and has been adopted by more than 20,000 enterprises across the globe. More than 1,000,000 practitioners have been trained through a role-based curriculum and use the SAFe Studio, supported by more than 500 world-class transformation and platform companies.


We are Bright, world leaders in B2B marketing services including agile marketing transformation & change enablement to help struggling marketing departments improve their performance. Our experienced team of ICA accredited agile marketing practitioners will work with you to change your ways of working, increase engagement, and improve efficiency for your business. With our solutions, you can see real results, create a marketing model that can adapt to seize future opportunities, and support business growth. Let us give your marketers the power to do great work and help you achieve more from your marketing.


Agility Health

We at AgilityHealth are passionate about creating a Culture where people can thrive and work with purpose. We are passionate about Alignment and making sure we’re rowing in the same direction, focused on impact not just effort. We’re passionate about delivering REAL value to our customers and gaining their trust and LOVE. We are passionate about YOU because we care about the people side of any transformation. Thanks for stopping by to learn about us.


Seeding Energy

We understand that people are at the heart of your company and your brands.

We help you harness and reveal the opportunities that lie within your organization.

At SeedingEnergy we want to unlock your team’s potential and reach new heights through facilitation, customized trainings and coaching.



Unlike Trello,, Asana, Jira and others, our project management platform is entirely focused on growth and agile marketing professionals. 

With Growth Method you can:

  1. Map your entire marketing funnel and connect it your analytics tools (HubSpot, Salesforce, GA4 etc)
  2. Set growth goals that are tied to your marketing funnel stages
  3. Enforce growth and agile marketing best practises, such as data over opinions, outcomes over outputs, and delivering value early and often
  4. Easily share marketing and growth experiment results with business stakeholders


Growth Generators logo

At Growth Generators, we help marketing leaders create modern marketing teams that drive growth. We do this by helping you design, align and optimise your marketing team.

Our Founder, Ty Hayes, was awarded the #10 Chief Marketing Officer in Australia (CMO50) and led the Australian Marketing Team of the Year (AMI Awards) prior to starting Growth Generators. 

So our consulting and training is based on decades of real-world experience in the marketing trenches, and it blends the latest developments in marketing, leadership and organisational development.

Not only do we deliver Agile Marketing consulting, training and coaching, but we’ve also designed innovative learning experiences that dive deeper into topics like the seven elements and four mindsets of High-Performance Marketing Teams.

We love sharing the latest insights on modern marketing team design, Agile Marketing, and how leading CMOs are building high-performance teams on our Lean Mean Marketing Teams Podcast.


Exclusive partner for software development, security, conversion tracking

Codepoet LLC, a software development company, is an ideal partner for marketing firms. They offer more than just attractive websites and robust software; they provide tailored solutions to unique business challenges. Their expertise in creating modern websites, powerful apps, and custom software can drive sales, enhance brand image, and foster customer loyalty. 

Importantly, Codepoet’s team is adept at understanding and resolving issues with Google Analytics, ensuring that marketing firms can accurately track and interpret their data for strategic decision-making. In essence, Codepoet is committed to helping businesses grow without burdening them with unnecessary extras.


Fellow associations and organizations committed to supporting Agile marketing

The Agile Business Consortium is an independent professional body dedicated to advancing business agility worldwide in accordance with a defined set of professional standards and a code of practice. 

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The Agile Marcom Consortium Foundation is the first knowledge organization that focuses entirely on agile within the marketing and communication profession. Our goal is to connect knowledge about and experience with Agile within the Marcom domain. We do this through certification, peer coaching and, above all, organizing various networking and knowledge events.

Business Agility Institute logo

The Business Agility Institute® is a fiercely independent research & advocacy organization for the next generation of companies. We drive industry change through applied research, pragmatic guidance, and building networks of individuals and organizations. Our goal is your success, no matter what the future brings.