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Supporting Marketing Agility

All the Tools You Need to Succeed

Today we are announcing our Supporters program for those who want to support marketing agility. As a member of the Agile Marketing Alliance, we hope you agree that Agile represents a better way of working. To that end, we’ve created a way to support people’s learning journey while contributing to our mission. 

The Supporter Program includes:

  • Access to all of our Digital Badges and Mini-Courses
  • The ability to earn unlimited Digital Badges
  • Premium Toolkits and Templates
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Access to exclusive partner discounts

Community access, the newsletter, live webinars, podcasts, and some tools and templates will continue to be free.

Every week, every month, we’ll continue to generate great content. Some of the content will be free, and some of our content will be for supporters-only. We hope you’ll support this work and contribute to the mission of helping marketers achieve faster time to market, deliver better business results, and rediscover the joy of marketing through marketing agility.

If you’d like to learn more, go to https://agilemarketingalliance.com/community-page/