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November 2023

peanut butter or lightning

Peanut Butter or Lightning

I recently came across a marketing idea that I think more marketers, particularly those of us who aspire to marketing agility, should consider. In his book “Play Bigger,” Christopher Lochhead defines two different approaches to marketing. In the traditional “peanut butter” approach, marketers take their yearly budget, divide it roughly into quarters, spread it across …

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The word prioritize on a yellow sticky note with an exclamation point

Five Patterns to Avoid in Marketing Backlog Prioritization

Prioritizing the backlog—the marketer’s ever-growing list of campaigns, content ideas, and growth strategies—is both a trove of opportunity and a bucket of hazards. Tight prioritization leads to shared understanding and alignment. Loose backlog prioritization can quickly overwhelm teams with unclear and conflicting direction. Many teams fall into common traps that can derail their efforts to tame an …

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Overwhelmed Marketer

Feeling Overwhelmed? How Agile Can Help

Introduction Are you feeling overwhelmed as a marketer? Marketing is a fast-paced profession. The digital era has exponentially increased the number of channels, campaigns, and metrics that marketers must manage. When overwhelmed, even the most seasoned marketing veterans can find themselves struggling to keep up. But what if there was a way to streamline your …

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