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The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing: Recent Podcasts and Articles

While promoting my book, The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing, over the last six weeks, I’ve produced some of the better content on Agile marketing of my time here at this blog. I thought I’d collect all of this content in one place.


The Marketing Book Podcast: “The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing” by Jim Ewel

The Martech Show Episode #6: The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing

An Interview with Jim Ewel | A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing with John Cass

School for Startups Radio – my section begins at around the 24 minute mark

The Dave Pamah Show: How Marketers Can Win In A Covid-19 World with Jim Ewel


Why Traditional Marketing is Broken (And 5 Ways to Fix It)

Agile: Can the Wrong Tool Derail Your Transformation?

More Than a Buzzword: Make Agile Marketing Work with These 4 Critical Shifts

How to Overcome Common Agile Marketing Challenges

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Business with Agile Marketing

Did COVID-19 Destroy Your Marketing Plan? Avoid a Repeat with Agile

The Young Upstarts: Inteview with Jim Ewel, Author of ‘The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing’