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Free Agile Marketing Mini Courses

Agile Marketing Courses

The Agile Marketing Alliance offers a variety of free mini-courses, including:

  • Introduction to Agile Marketing. This course, which introduces you to the basics of Agile marketing, covers the following topics: what is Agile marketing, what are the values and principles in the Agile marketing manifesto, how Agile marketing relates to modern marketing, how Agile marketing helps organizations deal with VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).
  • Introduction to Scrum for Marketers. This course teaches the basics of Scrum, including how to write user stories, how to hold a Sprint Planning session, how to hold Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives, Scrum reporting and measurement, Scrumban, and which to use, Scrum, Scrumban, or Kanban.
  • Introduction to Kanban for Marketers. This course covers the basics of Kanban, how to visualize your workflow, how to limit work in progress, how to measure and optimize your workflow, making process policies explicit, how to implement feedback loops, and how to improve collaboratively and experimentally.

Check out these mini-courses.