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Five Day Challenge: Visual Management

Transform Your Workflow, Increase Productivity, AND Stop the Overwhelm

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Lightweight Learning

Why waste countless hours scouring the internet disjointed videos, articles, and courses, when you can challenge yourself with content ready-made for marketers? 

Our method is engineered to empower both individuals and teams to master essential skills and cultivate capabilities, dedicating just 30-45 minutes a day.

  • Micro Learning

    Short, engaging videos introduce key concepts and techniques to enhance your workflow.

  • Real-World Scenarios

    Apply what you've learned through practical scenarios that mimic real-life marketing challenges.

  • Peer-Learning

    Learn from your peers to share your experiences and gain insights from others.

  • Outcome-Focused Activities

    Gain hands-on experience with visual workflow management, including designing, building, and using a Kanban board customized to your workflow.

  • Reflection and Planning

    Reflection exercises encourage you to think critically about the learning. Planning helps you put together a plan for continuous improvement.

How It Works

Each day of the challenge brings new insights and actionable steps. From crafting your first Kanban board to measuring workflow metrics, you’ll gain hands-on experience and valuable knowledge. Get ready to transform your approach to marketing work management. 

Complete each day in 30-45 minutes. 

Pricing: $89 $49


  • Day 1: Visualization Basics

    Watch two videos on Visual Workflow Management, Visual Workflow Basics and complete your first scenario. Create your first Kanban board for a current project and share your progress with the group.

  • Day 2: Controlling the Flow of Work

    Watch three videos describing how to control the flow of work. Complete scenarios 2 & 3. Refine your visualization board and share a story or post with the group.

  • Day 3: Conduct a Board Review

    Watch three videos and conduct a board review, identifying impediments, dependencies and changes. Share insights with the group.

  • Day 4: Measuring Workflow

    Watch two videos and decide which metrics are best match your context. Size your cards using Story Points. Share with the group any challenges you faced when sizing your cards.

  • Day 5: Reflection & Planning

    Develop a plan for integrating these practices long-term. Share a post summarizing the improvements you've see over the course of the week.

Take a Peek

Our five-day challenge is designed around bite-sized learning and real-world application to help you stop the overwhelm. It’s the perfect way to gradually integrate visual management into your workflow, supported by others like you.

Previous the challenge environment in the video.


Can I get a refund if I decide the cHALLENGE is not for me?

If within 30 days of purchase you complete less than one day of the course and you request a refund, then we will refund your money minus the Stripe processing fee.

Can I purchase the CHALLNEGE in quantities for my team or organization?

Yes! Contact us at info at agilemarketingalliance.com and we’ll get back to you with volume pricing. Let us know how many licenses you want to purchase.

Will you be creating other 5-Day challenges?

Yes, depending on the success of this course and the demand, we will create other five-day challenges.

Do I need prior experience with Agile, Scrum, or Kanban to get value out of the Five-Day challenges?

No, the five-day challenges don’t assume any prior knowledge of Agile or Agile methodologies.

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