Emily Sheridan on Agile Marketing Transformation at Noodles & Company

In this episode of the Modern Marketing Podcast, hosts Melissa Reeve and Jim Ewel from Agile Marketing Alliance speak with Emily Sheridan, the Senior Marketing Operations and Creative Manager at Noodles & Company. Emily discusses her journey into Agile marketing, the importance of focusing on value and mindset, and the impact it has had on her team’s productivity. She highlights the successful implementation of pilot projects, the significance of retrospectives, overcoming roadblocks, and the integration of Agile methodologies with external agencies. Metrics showcasing their improvement in time to market and collaboration are also shared, providing valuable insights for teams considering Agile practices.

00:00 Introduction to the Modern Marketing Podcast
00:21 Guest Introduction: Emily Sheridan from Noodles Company
00:42 Emily’s Journey to Agile Marketing
01:53 Starting Agile at Noodles Company
05:22 Pilot Program Success: National Dessert Day
07:03 Wins and Learnings from Agile Implementation
09:34 Challenges and Roadblocks in Agile Adoption
12:52 Metrics and Results of Agile Practices
15:11 Future Plans and Integrating External Agencies
17:49 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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Your Hosts of the Modrn Marketing Podcast

Jim Ewel

JIM EWEL is one of the authors of the Agile Marketing Manifesto and the co-founder of the Agile Marketing Alliance (www.agilemarketingalliance.com ). He is also the author of the essential guide to implementation of Agile marketing, The Six Disciplines of Agile Marketing.

He is frequently asked to speak on the topic of Agile Marketing at industry conferences, and he has helped over 80 companies adopt Agile marketing.

Earlier in his career, Jim spent 12 years at Microsoft in various roles including GM of SQL Server marketing and Vice President of Server Marketing. Jim was also CEO of three startups in the Seattle area, all of which grew rapidly and were eventually sold to Oracle, Google, and Stratus Video.

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Melissa-pink square

Currently the co-Founder of the Agile Marketing Alliance, SAFe contributor and Agile marketing thought leader, Melissa has over 25 years of experience as an executive and consultant in the high tech, education and Agile spaces. She created the Agile Marketing with SAFe course, founded the SAFe Business Agility podcast, and helped lead the latest evolution of the Agile Marketing Manifesto. 

An active speaker and thought leader in the Agile marketing space, Melissa lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA with her husband, chickens and dogs, where she enjoys hiking and gardening.

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