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Above all else, we are a community of people who share a love for Agile and for marketing, and who believe that the combination is magic.

Learn from others who have traveled the road to Agile in marketing before you. Share your expertise and lessons learned with others. Ask questions, comment, and contribute. Above all else, have fun!

Free Resources Hub

We’ve put together this list of resources for those both new to Agile marketing and to those who have practiced it for some time and who are looking for resources to fill in gaps, add to the depth of their knowledge, or to train others.

We’ve divided the resources into the following sections:

Foundations – A review of the Agile marketing manifesto, as well as some tips for getting started, including how to build support for an Agile marketing transformation, how and where to get alignment, and how to choose a methodology and a tracking tool.

Implementing Agile Marketing – Some things to know before you begin your implementation, a sample implementation plan, approaches to scaling Agile marketing, and thoughts about the stages of maturity of Agile organizations.

The Agile Marketers Toolbox – Good tools make work go more easily. This section contains a number of tools to make the Agile marketers job easier.

Games for Learning/Teaching Agile Marketing – One of the best ways to learn Agile marketing is through games and simulations.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Events – These are recordings of our Peer-to-Peer learning events, where a leader presents his or her experience for a few minutes, then opens up the floor for reactions, questions and sharing. The presenter serves as the facilitator, eliciting stories from the group of their experiences and learnings.

Case Studies – Links to case studies of companies implementing Agile marketing.

Miscellaneous – Whatever didn’t fit into the sections above, including recommended readings.

Monthly Educational Themes

Each month, we post articles, questions, resources, templates, videos, events, and podcasts around a different aspect of Agile marketing.

Some examples of our monthly themes are Managing Workflow Efficiently and Organizing Marketing Teams and Making Them Effective

The monthly theme is not a passive activity where you read articles, watch videos, and listen to a couple of podcasts . We’re also going to ask you to pick at least one, and perhaps several, of the items in the monthly theme to apply in your own Agile marketing practice. We call this the Checklist Challenge. When you complete the Checklist Challenge for a monthly theme, you are awarded with the Badge for that monthly challenge.

We will also introduce you to a few of your fellow members through what we call the Member Spotlight, where we ask them to tell us their stories of how they have adopted Agile, with a spotlight on the monthly theme.


We offer a variety of short courses on Agile marketing topics.

Some of these courses include:

  • What is Agile Marketing?
  • Introduction to Scrum for Marketing
  • Introduction to Kanban for Marketing

These mini-courses are free.


We co-host the Marketing Agility Podcast with Frank Days. We publish a new interview about every two weeks. The Marketing Agility Podcast is the longest publishing podcast about Agile Marketing, having started in 2010.

We also host episodes of the Rocket Walk podcast.

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