Marketing Capability Layers

Marketing Capability Layers I love Scott Brinker’s Chief Marketing Technologist blog. Not many people know this, but a blog post by Scott in 2010 was the inspiration for this blog. I constantly find that Scott produces thoughtful, well written content.  The latest post on his blog, by guest writer Sam Melnik, is a great example of …

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Epics vs Themes

Epics vs Themes There seems to be some confusion in the Agile world about the difference between Epics and Themes. At the Agile101 blog, Tara Hamilton-Whitaker, a certified scrum master, admits “People often (myself included!) get confused about the difference between Agile Themes, Epics and User Stories.” She then goes on to define them, and a …

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Agile vs Agile

Agile vs agile I was struck recently by a comment on the Agile Marketing Facebook group: “Is there any other kind of marketing? I guess I missed out because I never went to work for one of the big old slow agencies. I always worked at small agencies and small companies which had startup mentalities.” …

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